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How to Create Your First Video Game with Unity

Receive Your Own Game Idea Through Completing Challenges

To create challenges, I’ve received precious guidance from Brie Code (TRU LUV creator), Rami Ismail and Amir H. Fassihi. I am really grateful for having them all in my community. 


  • This video series will guide students through the stages of creating a complete game. It starts with how to set up Unity, which is one of the most popular game engines and goes through every step to create a video game from scratch.
  • Each video description includes a challenge. Students will be guided to receive their own game idea through challenges. By their own game, I mean a game based on each one talents, skills and passions.

Videos Outline

  1. Install required software (Unity Hub, Unity, Visual Studio)  & Explore Unity environment
  2. Import art assets & Write your first script to move the player
  3. Control the player movement & Camera follow the player
  4. How to detect and handle a collision
  5. Design game level
  6. Add coins to gameplay & Add score counter to game UI
  7. Add Game over
  8. Add level complete & Create an animation for level complete panel
  9. Create several levels & Add Start and End scenes

A key -> Go Left & D key -> Go Right

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